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A blog about wargames.  Featuring battle reports, minature and rules reviews, news we stumble across and whatnotary.

By jonah75, Mar 18 2017 04:41PM

Painting up my Dystopian Wars Prussians opened my previously closed mind to smaller scales. They aren't that hard to paint if you are happy with 'table top standard', generously defined.

The people I game with have been toying with the idea of Team Yankee-ing since we first heard of it. My Soviet sympathies and the plain painting required for Soviet armour made my faction choice simple. I bought the rules - look straight-forward enough even for someone who never dabbled with Flames of War. I started looking at Battlefront's Soviet boxes and only the fact that the armoured starter set was temporarily sold out stopped me dipping my beak.

Then, a club night a week ago, we saw some other regulars playing the game in 6mm. It looked great - not the sort of tank car park I associate with Flames of Wars games I've witnessed. Speaking to the players they explained that they play the rules straight out of the book - no alteration of movement or firing distances. They talked through how they made some of their great looking scenery and then moved onto the miniatures. Heroic and Ros make tanks for 65p each. 65p! Sixty five pence. 'Sweet as a nut' is not an expression I often employ, but it seems to fit.

So I have visited that good company's unwieldy website and bought a bunch of T-72, some BMP-2s, a few self-propelled artillery pieces, some heroic red infantry and some Su-25 Frogfoot Ground Attack aircraft, a few other bits and bobs for around twenty quid. I would post a picture of the lead in question, but what Heroic and Ros do not do speedy dispatch, which, at this price, seems not unreasonable.

By jonah75, Feb 26 2017 12:09PM

My warbears and stags arrived some weeks ago, and I've started work on the warbears. A peruse of the Shattered Crown Facebook Group has helped get me motivated - some bloke is using his in a 9th Age Kislev Army and they look great. I'm planning to use mine in Kings of War. A number of options present themselves - Mounted Sons of Korgaan in the Varangur list is an obvious one, but as I'm not building Varangur, I'll leave that to someone else. Honour Guard in the Rhordia list appeals, as I hope to field a mixed halfling / human force at some stage. Using them as Knight regiment / horde from the Kingdoms of Men list also holds some attraction as I have started fielding a small KoM army using my Dark Age minis.

Feedback on my test mini is welcome.

The stag riders are a slightly longer term proposition. My original thought was elf fast cavalry - the female riders' slim build makes them ideal elf proxies. I have also considered bringing them in as Sisterhood Panther Riders, but this might be a step too far. Ultimately, whatever I use them for, I also plan to use them in the Shattered Crown system as well - the basing is simmilar enough that KoW multi-basing will be acceptable in the Shattered Crown.

I strongly recommend that gamers consider investing in these original, dynamic miniatures which are great value from the makers - Dead Earth Games.

By jonah75, Feb 25 2017 10:25AM

This is a report of us trying out this scenario. As usual, my startling organisation ability shone through at the start of Friday night's game. Admittedly I had left my Welsh mounted hearthguard and some warriors at home. And the rules. And my battle boards. And I hadn't been able to locate any playing cards when leaving the house and had to sub in children's' farm animal dominoes instead. Also, despite promises to the contrary, an uneven undercoat was as close as I'd got to painting the children minis. Regardless, I still did better than Rob, who managed to not turn up at all or even tell us he wasn't coming, the monkey.

The absence of the fourth player required a few minor moderations to the scenario, but as we had plenty of time to discuss this as we waited 45 minutes, wondering or not Rob was turning up, it turns out we had plenty of time. We decided that no-longer would it be necessary for the killer / killers to murder all the young 'uns (as it could be one killer vs two rescuers), and instead the rescuer / rescuers would get 10 points for each kid saved, whilst the killer / killers would get 7 points for each kid offed. We also clarified that kids could only be dealt with in base to base (no missile fire), and came up with a rule that a unit in combat with a unit carrying a kid would have a small chance of grabbing the young 'un.

I picked my four points from a depleted roster - two units of 8 warriors, two units of four warriors, 12 levies and my warlord.

So, without further delay we dealt objective cards (cow = killer, rabbit = rescuer), rolled for deployment, deployed the kids, gave the kids a movement, and then rolled for initiative. My Welsh were victorious, and using the terrain friendly battle board to full effect - double dragons rolled to allow me an extra movement for all units within L of the warlord (answering the Call) combined with Children of the Land, allowing me to ignore difficult terrain - and the boyos raced toward the wandering children. Feeling my usual antipathy toward Adam, I moved a unit of warriors behind a handy wall and readied javelins.

Amid some early whinging about the 'idiot-proof' Welsh board, Adam's Saxons moved toward the kids, peeling off a unit of warriors to stare aggressively at the boyos behind the dry stone wall. Gary moved last, with his Vikings deployed compactly and reassuring far away from the Welsh. He advanced, mostly toward the Saxon flank.

Turn two saw initiative flow away from the Welsh. I was, however, amused to see one of the kids run toward my levies, whilst other kids moved with haste away from Adam's Saxons. Everyone moved forward, and I took an early opportunity to pepper a unit of Saxon Warrior with javelins from two of my units. My levy archers dashed forward to the nearest stray. My murderous intent was revealed when I elected to roll on the 'Kill the Kid' table. To howls of outrage, my ignoble levies butchered the youth. Adam, in particular, stooped to a torrent of abuse touching on how through games we see the man, or some such guff.

Turn three saw the Saxons win initiative, and eight brave Saxon warriors dashed toward a roving child (picking up two fatigues). Adam, the damned hypocrite, then also revealed he was rolling on the 'kill the kid' table. Unlike the cool-handed Welsh, his big men fluffed the job and the kid scrambled between oafish Saxons, straight toward the Viking rescuers. Needless to say, I was too gentlemanly to rub it in. To any great extent.

The Vikings, with both opposing warbands revealed as the blackest of souls, finally started making an impression. The unit of Saxons who had fluffed the murder were dispatched by righteous Vikings who demonstrated the sheer killi-ness of the Viking battleboard with the right dice stored up over previous turns. A small unit of Saxons, hanging back and providing Saga dice, were also butchered by unexpectedly determined Vikings. The Vikings saved one child, who would be home with fair Godiva before bedtime. The tyke who had already eluded the Saxons, was a slippery one though, as he also sprinted clear of his would-be saviours. The Saxons, with one flank being whittled by the cunning / cowardly (opinions unequally split) Welsh missile fire and the other in bloody ruins as the Vikings raged, decided to put the game beyond doubt. A dark deed in the central woods saw another child die, and the Saxon Warlord dashed toward that most troublesome of children. On a D10, Adam needed a 1 to 7, and the game would be beyond the reach of the better players. The Dice God spoke, and the word was 'NO', as Adam fluffed it and the kid ran on. I successfully hid my mirth (possibly) as Adam took a brief stroll around the hall to regain composure.

Now the Welsh moved - the black-hearted bondig strode purposefully from the bog they'd been avoiding swords in, and bundled up the now winded youngster. He would run no more. Not my proudest gaming moment, perhaps, but screw it - a win is a win.

Post-match analysis declared the scenario well-worth a replay or two. Gary felt that there should also be points for killing off enemy units (5 points per unit) and a big minus if you get your warlord killed (-15 points) and we'll play it that way next time.

By jonah75, Feb 24 2017 03:57PM

I wouldn't say I resent the infants that steal my sleep, and almost every hour when not in work. I don't really object to the fact that the last film I saw at the cinema was Trolls and the one before Finding Dory. I don't even mind that almost all of my non-work conversations revolve around bodily functions, as, if I'm honest, it was always thus. And, I am shamed to admit, My Little Pony (MLP) is not bad. It is, then, coincidence that my latest idea for a Saga scenario revolves around infanticide.

Team games in Saga, even when we randomly pick sides, always seem to involve my Welsh and Adam's Saxons being on the same side and us arguing bitterly about tactics, his inability to follow a plan, his lack of effort when trying to roll high dice, his unsupportive attitude to the loss of Welsh life and so on. On the other hand all vs all is a bit slow for a club night. So we need an elegant yet simple scenario that will get blood flowing. Here it is -

The Ealdorman Leofric and his wife Godiva have four youngsters. And bonny offspring they are too. Unfortunately Leofric, in the middle of a vigorous re-enactment of a MLP adventure, snapped. Ears were clipped and harsh words spoken. The kids, rightly, took a strong line on this barbaric parenting and fled the family nest, retreating into the wilderness to make dens and poke each other with sticks. Fair Godiva took the whole thing fairly badly. Intimate relations were clearly off the agenda until the kids were home and such a Dark Age approach to parenting forsworn forever. Leofric, summoned mercenary bands and sent them into the wilderness to find the boys and bring them home. What Leofric doesn't know is that his evil brother, Bill has decided to take advantage of the whole 'sending heavily armed psychos out to guide children home' bruhaha by bribing a couple of the warbands to kill the plucky young 'uns to bump up his ranking in the succession stakes. The bastard.

The game is played on 4'x4', partly because the usual 4' by 3' offends my sense of Feng Shui. 4 point warbands. At the start of the game each player gets one of four cards (two red, two black) the red cards indicate you are there to rescue the kids. The black ones tell you that you are an evil mofo taking Bob's gold to kill young Saxons. You monster. Adam. But YOU CAN'T TELL ANYONE!

Deployment - one warband on each of the four sides within the medium stick's length. The kids each one within d10* inches of the centre point.

Objective - Red players - get kids off the board edge, whoever gets most off wins. Black players - kill all kids - whoever kills the most (assuming none get away), wins. You monsters! Adam.

Kid movement rules - each kid moves d10 inches in a random direction (the point of the d10**) at the start of each turn before any warband activates. Kid movement changes when in contact with a unit - then either the player can elect to grab the kid or kill the kid.

Grab the kid - roll a D10

1-4 - Got the beggar! kid bound by one of your guys, unit can move and figta s normal, moving the kid along with it).

5-7 - Stop struggling (got the youngster by the scruff, but his adversarial attitude to adults means that unit movement -2", and player must roll again at the start of their next turn.

8 - Ouch! The plucky little fella was packing a knife (kids today, eh?). One of your guys must make an armour save or is toast (assuming they can only take one hit each). Immediately afterward the kid takes another d10 random move.

9 - Where he go? Kid gets a d10 random move straight away.

10 - Opps.. warbands are full of psychos, one of yours just got carried away and killed the kid. Like that bit in Breaking Bad.

Kill the Kid - roll a D10

1-7 Got him! You killed the child, you monster! Adam.

8 Arrgh! The plucky tike takes one of your big men down - no save.

9 Where'd he go? The little guys makes a d10 random direction move.

10 Zooom! The kid makes a 2D10 random direction move. Look away for a second and whoosh! Kids, eh?

Other Rules - As soon as both killers are revealed (by the black acts or by default), the game reverts to two sides, to speed up the action a bit.

By jonah75, Feb 21 2017 02:47PM

So, a period of inactivity here on the blog which reflects a deeper malaise. The whole wargames shop thing isn't really working. Real life committments are too great, in terms of time and money, to devote the necessary resource to building the shop at this stage. This means we aren't stocking what our customers want and have started to let people down (Skulk-gate is a story for another time).

This shop was an attempt to bring together my hobby with my better-half's business acumen. Turns out that her business acumen is limited whilst my hobby is most fun without comercial considerations. The only people making money out of our endeavours have been eBay and PayPal.

That said, alot of good hobby stuff has been going on. Playings lots of KoW, a bit of Antares, quite a lot of Saga, a bit of Dystopian Wars and dabbling with other stuff. All things worth blogging about. So - I'm getting back to the blogging. Prepare for an explosion of activity...

Meanwhile - if you want anything from the shop, don't buy from the shop - email me and you can have it at cost. Assuming I don't want to keep it myself.

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